Woman’s McNugget Rampage Goes Viral, But Where Are The Remixes?

McNugget RampageBack in January, a Toledo woman named Melodi Dushane went on a rampage in a McDonald’s drive thru when she was told chicken nuggets weren’t available at 6:30 in the morning. She screamed and yelled, lashed out at McDonald’s employees and even broke the drive thru window, and now the security cam footage of the incident is on YouTube and spreading like wildfire. The clip has 537,000 views in two days and is getting coverage across the web but our question is, where are all the remixes?

The ‘McNugget Rampage’ security cam footage would be perfect for remixing. It doesn’t have any audio, so auto-tune remixes are out of the question of course. But come on, people! This clip is perfect for dubbing. Add in the voices – what is Melodi Dushane saying? What is the woman in the drive thru telling her? It doesn’t have to do with chicken nuggets at all. They could be arguing about Justin Bieber, why ninjas are better than pirates, or why anyone would want to see the movie Step Up in 3D! They could be arguing about or saying anything. So come on, people, what’s the hold up?

I think that auto-tune has taken over in the YouTube remix department and made a lot of folks lazy. Sure, the Double Rainbow and Bed Intruder songs are genius. But a remix doesn’t have to use auto-tune to go viral. So here’s my proposition to all you creatives out there – check out the ‘McNugget Rampage’ clip below, come up with your own creative audio track, upload it to YouTube and get the McNugget remix train moving. The mission is yours, should you choose to accept it. And don’t forget to share your links in the comments below!

Do you think we’ll see any McNugget Rampage remixes, or will this video remain as remix-free as McDonalds is nugget-free at 6:30 in the morning?