Marc Jacobs’ PR Firm in Hot Water?


Was Marc Jacobs’ PR firm involved in bribing public officials to gain access to certain events spaces in New York?

According to New York magazine:

KCD, the fashion-PR powerhouse that handles the booking and design of his (and many other) shows, is also under scrutiny by the AG’s office. Apparently, Jacobs had allegedly been paying James Jackson, the Armory administrator, for nearly a decade, through KCD as an intermediary.

The NY Times story doesn’t list KCD by name, but does say:

According to officials, James Jackson, who served as the superintendent of the 69th Regiment Armory for more than eight years, solicited bribes from the public relations company that produced Mr. Jacobs’s shows to secure certain dates, as well as from other entities looking to hold events there, including the Ramsey Art Fair.

PRNewser placed a call to KCD this morning, where a rep would not comment and referred us to their lawyer Kenneth M. Breen.

Reached for comment, the only thing Ken told PRNewser on the record is that, “KCD is cooperating with the attorney general’s investigation.”

We’ll keep you posted as more develops.