Lucky Mask Games Releases Fishy Feathers on iOS

fishy feathers 650

Toronto-based Lucky Mask Games has announced the release of its first game on iOS devices: Fishy Feathers. The game follows Larry the Bird on a quest to move up the food chain after the Earth is flooded. To do so, Larry will need to eat fish in order to grow larger, while avoiding larger fish that wish to eat him.

In each game of Fishy Feathers, Larry flies from left to right automatically, and players tap and hold on the screen to dive into the water. Chips (currency), fish and other obstacles float in or around the water, so players must avoid fish large enough to eat Larry, as well as the obstacles, while collecting as many smaller fish and chips as possible.

Each chip or fish eaten adds to the player’s overall point total, and when gamers reach specific point milestones, Larry grows larger. A medium sized Larry, for instance, can now eat fish that were previously dangerous. If players hit an obstacle, like an underwater rock or a ship at the surface, Larry loses a size level, but players can keep going to earn it back. If players are eaten by a shark, it’s game over.

While the overall goal of the game is to travel as far and grow as much as one can before failing, users are also presented with light challenges to complete, like eating a certain number of small fish, for instance.

In between stages, players can spend their collected chips on upgrades for Larry, as well as items like the vehicle power-up. This power-up allows Larry to zoom forward for a short time, potentially missing obstacles or picking up items that would have been harder to hit without it. It charges anytime players are in the water, rather than flying through the air. Players can also unlock different dive locations and additional playable birds, aside from Larry.

“We created Fishy Feathers to be a fun alternative to the overly simple, mindless games that are currently saturating the App Store,” said Adam Carbone, 3D artist at Lucky Mask Games. “Fishy Feathers is easy to pick up and enjoy, but it requires an element of strategy and a goal of progression that’s lacking from so many games right now.”

While free-to-play, Fishy Feathers is supported by ads and in-app purchases, as users can pay real money for bonus chips. The game is now available to download for free on iOS.