Localytics: Mobile Engagement and Retention Increase in Q1 2015

A new report shows app stickiness and app launches are on the rise, which is good news for developers and marketers.

Localytics App Stickiness Index Q1 2015Marketing and analytics company Localytics has released its latest App Stickiness and App Launches Indexes, measuring seasonal changes in app usage for Q1 2015. During the quarter, the App Stickiness Index (an average of engagement and retention) reached a record high of 26 percent. This was driven by improvements across both categories, with Q1 2015 engagement, or the percentage of power users (those with 10 or more sessions per month), climbing to 34 percent for the quarter.

Meanwhile, retention for the quarter also increased, as the measurement of loyal users who return to an app three months later increased from 12 percent in Q4 2014 to 17 percent in Q1 2015. Localytics attributes some of this increase to what it calls “new device app cleanse,” which saw consumers receive new smartphones and tablets during the holidays, likely leaving behind many apps in the process. In doing so, the apps which survived the cleanse were proven the most valuable.

Localytics App Launches Index Q1 2015

As for the App Launches Index, Q1 2015 saw an increase in the average number of times an individual app was launched, reaching a record-high of 11 launches per month. For the first time, Travel and Lifestyle apps surpassed Media and Entertainment apps for the most launches. As the report points out, this is likely due, in part, to users downloading health and wellness apps as part of New Year resolutions. By the end of March 2015, Travel and Lifestyle apps were being opened 13.4 times per month, while Media and Entertainment apps saw 13 launches per month.

The report reads:

App Stickiness and App Launches both saw monumental increases this year. This is fantastic news for app marketers, as apps continue to play a larger part of our daily lives. Retention should continue to be the main focus for app marketers, and tools like Predictive App Marketing and personalized push messaging should help to improve retention for all verticals. Understanding why your users are leaving your app, and subsequently, how to bring them back, will pay dividends for both consumers and app marketers alike.

Data for these indexes is compiled through analysis of 32,000 apps across more than 2.3 billion devices. The complete Q1 2015 Indexes are available on Localytics’ website.

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