LinkedIn Removes “Tweets” Widget Due To Low Usage

It looks like LinkedIn users aren’t too keen on connecting their Twitter account to their profiles. LinkedIn is shutting down the “Tweets” widget which was essentially a lightweight Twitter client built-in to LinkedIn.

TechCrunch has the story of the demise of “Tweets”.

The application will become unavailable starting January 31st. LinkedIn decided to close the doors on “Tweets” due to “extremely low usage”, according to a (now deleted) tweet that TechCrunch managed to grab a screenshot of:

The application offered the ability to display your most recent tweets on your LinkedIn profile, view the Twitter feeds of your LinkedIn connections, and recommended Twitter users to follow based on their current connections.

After initially announcing the discontinuation of “Tweets”, LinkedIn clarified that Twitter was still baked in to the LinkedIn experience. Users can still post their tweets to LinkedIn by including the #in or #li hashtag if they’ve connected their LinkedIn and Twitter accounts, and their Twitter usernames will still be visible on their profiles.