Line Defense RPG Chain Chronicle Launches on iOS, Android

Chain ChronicleSEGA Networks and gumi have announced the launch of Chain Chronicle in the United States, Canada, the U.K. and Australia. The popular Japanese title is described as a “line defense role playing game” and sees players defending the in-game world from an overwhelming darkness. To do so, players will recruit an army and take them into battle where they’ll defend a key location on the side of the screen.

In each level of Chain Chronicle, players are presented with a grid-based battleground. Enemies walk on horizontal lines, and heroes can be dragged onto the proper line to block their advancement. Units attack enemies automatically once they’re in range (or can be dragged onto an enemy for a strategic advancement), and players can spend their characters’ mana on special abilities during battle.

Chain ChronicleEach unit has a different job, with five overall job types being available: soldier, knight, archer, wizard and cleric. Wizards and archers are skilled at long range attacks, while healing characters will automatically heal nearby characters during battle. Knights, meanwhile, have a shield that blocks oncoming archers (for instance). Players can drag these units around to meet specific needs, as enemies may approach on multiple lines. For instance, players are encouraged to place a knight in front of a wizard or archer, to protect them with their shield.

At the end of each battle, units receive experience points and players earn gold. As units level up, they receive increased health points and attack power. Players may also receive new units as battle rewards, or can recruit additional allies via a fortune teller. If players come across duplicate or otherwise excess character cards, they can fuse them to enhance a unit they’d like to keep. This enhancement process costs coins, while additional units can be purchased with two separate currencies, including premium currency.

For social features, players can add other players as friends, either through Facebook connect or sharing their individual ID numbers. Users can bring a social character into battles with them for additional support, and, if they’d like, can add these players as friends after the fact.

Chain Chronicle is now available to download for free on the iTunes App Store and Google Play. It will be published in other regions, including Southeast Asia, at a later time. The original Japanese version of the game has been downloaded over four million times since its launch on iOS and Android devices in July 2013.