How Line Breaks Will Break Twitter

Twitter’s latest fun feature, the line break, has yet to catch on with mainstream Tweeple – but it will.

And when it does, it may break Twitter.

“It was the most innocent, light-hearted tweet that triggered the destruction of Twitter,” storybooks will say years from now, likening Twitter’s end of days to opening Pandora’s Box.

The tweet we speak of looked like this when embedded:

And like THIS when seen on

Line breaks. “Fantastic! We need this!” said the poets. And all was right with the Twitterverse . . . for a while. There were Twitter haikus and other poetic expressions perfectly captured in iambic pentameter.

But then the spammers realized they could grab your attention by abusing the feature and it became REALLY annoying – quick. And the land of the microblog was forever transformed.

Gone were the days of scanning Twitter for breaking news or cutting quips on current events, for the landscape had changed and was no longer “scan-friendly.”

So here’s a preview of what’s to come, unless Twitter slams the brakes on this baby. The embedded images won’t look bad:

But your desktop and smartphone will be spammed with THIS:

And that’s not even as long as it gets. Imagine one character in every line until it hits 140. That’s a lot’a lines.

It will make scrolling through Twitter a nightmare, impossible really . . . or maybe it will just train all of us to trim our “following” list. Either way, it promises to be a frustrating feature to contend with.

And is it even necessary? Let us know if you find it useful or annoying (or both).

(Frustrated image from Shutterstock)