LeBron to Launch Animated Web Series

Image: Believe Entertainment Group

LeBron James will star as four different characters in “The LeBrons,” an animated Web series that will launch in the Spring. The series will be available on its own YouTube channel and on the basketball star’s website.

The characters are based on those featured in Nike ads: Kid LeBron, Athlete LeBron, Business LeBron, and Wise LeBron (they’re the four characters in the middle of the image above.)

And, the New York Times adds, the episodes will have positive messages for its audience, like the value of education. With LeBron’s large online following – via Twitter and Facebook – the story says it’s a good opportunity for sponsors as well.

So have we finally forgotten about that whole “Decision” fiasco?

Both LeBron and ESPN took heat (haha!) for the hour-long announcement that the basketball phenom would be moving to Miami. He gets there, and splat. What was supposed to a great team has a losing streak. As we’ve seen with Tiger Woods, its hard for a sports figure to turn around negative publicity when they’re not doing best at what they do best.

That’s the big problem for basketball fans. And for the wider audience – one that would be interested in this animated show – the distaste from “The Decision” may still linger just a bit.