LambdaMu Games’ Pixel People Launches on Android

After an initial launch on iOS devices way back in January 2013, Chillingo has released LambdaMu Games’ Pixel People on Android devices, giving a new set of gamers the ability to create their own pixelated Utopia, one “job” at a time. This version of the game features 280 different Pixel People to discover, as well as more than 100 buildings to construct, as users combine or “splice” clones into different overall job types and individual professions.

Pixel PeopleIn Pixel People, users receive new clones at the Arrival Center over time. These clones are “clean slates,” and can be mixed and matched with various templates to create new job types. Mixing the Mayor job with the Mechanic job, for instance, gives users the Engineer job type. Mix the Mayor and the Engineer, and you receive an Architect, and so on.

Players must build homes and businesses to house and employ these newly created pixel people, and can spend premium currency to speed up building times, speed up gene splicing times and more. Once these buildings, or even decorative items, are placed around town, users can put their citizens to work and will gain money over time. This money is used to purchase more homes or land expansions, so more clones can be spliced, continuing the game’s cycle.

As players splice new citizens, they may create hidden animals through secret combinations, or find secret bonuses and mini-games inside their town’s buildings. Users can move buildings around, construct roads to connect structures and more, with an Android exclusive “Tech Park” building also available for construction.

As their town population grows, users are eligible to receive other bonuses for the love hearts they collect while playing. These bonuses could be coins, premium currency, or even wild animals.

Pixel People is available to download for free on Google Play. The game is also available on the iTunes App Store.