lalawag Lives On; L.A. Tech Blog Acquired by Valley Girl

lalawag lives on after all: Less than one month after husband-and-wife team Sean Percival and Laurie Percival announced that the blog covering the Los Angeles tech scene was going on hiatus, the couple announced the acquisition of lalawag by The Valley Girl.

The Valley Girl media network is headed by actress Jesse Draper, daughter of Silicon Valley venture capitalist Tim Draper, TechCrunch reported, and Los Angeles-based Jesse Draper told TechCrunch the focus of lalawag would not change, adding that her goal is to create mini-media empire around covering startups, and that she and business partner Jonathan Polenz would launch a New York-focused site soon.

The Percivals had announced Sept. 16 that their new baby and Sean’s position as director of content socialization at MySpace did not allow for enough time for them to maintain lalawag.

In announcing the agreement with Valley Girl, the Percivals said:

As you may have seen, we recently battled with the decision of closing down lalawag. Part of the reason for this was simply time; we didn’t have it anymore. We were hoping that someone would step forward and be able to continue capturing the spirit of L.A. tech. As it turns out, a lot of people were interested, but Jesse Draper and Jonathan Polenz of Valley Girl Inc. were ready with a deal. We decided to sell to them for several reasons.

To begin with, we liked their energy. We wanted to make sure lalawag went to someone who could renew it with new content and new ideas. Next, we like Web video and have always wanted to see more of it here on lalawag. They happen to make a lot of well-produced videos with big names. Finally, they were just easy to work with and complete the deal.

So please take a moment to welcome the new owners of lalawag and continue to support them as passionately as you have supported us. This was our first baby, a project very close to our hearts, and we will miss it dearly. So much so that we have persuaded Valley Girl Inc. to let us contribute to the site when we have some extra of that precious time we mentioned above.