Kronomy Wants to Build a Global Collective Memory

While standard social networking sites offer only static profiles which focus on your present, Kronomy wants to give you something more. A chance to participate in building the world’s global memory to enable everyone to travel through the entire life of individual memories.

Alright, I know that intro was rather deep. But simply put, Kronomy lets you create events and memories on a life path which you and others can easily explore and link to. With Kronomy, you can travel through time, reviewing your own and others’ lives, crossing paths with people who share the same experiences as yours. It also lets you discover interesting people who are ready to share their live events as well.

Kronomy offers a dynamic platform where everyone can participate in and enjoy using to create a dynamic collective memory of the past and the present. Kronomy’s overarching role is to complete the world’s memory making its resouces valuable to anyone.

Kronomy’s features include; 3D view-experience where users can travel through 3D life paths, linking life paths by event, assignment of privacy levels to events, contacts and groups and you get the chance to meet celebrity members of Kronomy who participated in its beta stage. Specifically, Kronomy lets you create an interactive 3D life path, add and import pictures, videos and text, link it with friends, family and to practically anyone, and embed life paths on any site.