kontagent Rolling Out New Version of Social Analytics Tool

kontagent, one of the leading social analytics tools who also one of the recent winners of the fbFund, has announced that they are rolling out a refined version of their platform. The new version includes more streamlined instrumentation, a refined user interface, improved social user segmentation, improved viral channel usage and limits tracking, and improved account management.

kontagent is one of the leading social analytics companies, their primary competitor being Sometrics who provides less in depth analytics but does provide a platform which provides metrics for advertising. While the company is not willing to provide us with details on their traffic, a quick look at the company’s Compete.com statistics shows that they are being dominated by Sometrics.

Compete.com reports that Sometrics had over 1.7 million visitors last month and kontagent had almost 5,000 (see update below). Regardless of traffic, the company most definitely provides the most in depth analysis for any social analytics company and many developers are beginning to pay attention to them for that sole reason. The company is also preparing to announce details of partnerships with a few large companies.

What are those companies exactly? We have no idea because they have yet to release details but Albert Lai, CEO of the company (and speaker at our Social Ad Summit), says that there are a number of large applications and brands. Beyond that, we aren’t sure who the company has locked in. We hope to release more detail on that in the coming weeks. For now feel free to go check out kontagent for your in depth social analytics needs.

Albert Lai contacted me to point out that Compete is tracking Sometrics ad calls in addition to webpage visits. This would account for the large discrepancy.

kontagenet Dashboard
-kontagent Dashboard Screenshot-

kontagent Cohort Analysis
-kontagent cohort screenshot-

kontagent Engagement Analysis
-kontagent Engagement Screenshot-

kontagent Viral Analysis
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