King reveals closure of five Facebook apps, including Hoop de Loop and Bubble ‘Sagas’

bubble-saga-650Image via King

Candy Crush Saga developer King (formerly has quietly revealed the closure of some of its older, less successful Facebook games. The move will see Bubble Saga, Hoop de Loop Saga, Miner Speed and Puzzle Saga all close on September 10, but the company’s most popular ‘Saga’ games won’t be affected. This closure also affects King’s test project King Gold Games, a Facebook hub for events and new game discovery.

Both Bubble Saga and Hoop de Loop Saga still have over 1 million monthly active players, according to our app tracking service AppData, but they have experienced steady declines in their player bases over the past month. Bubble Saga, for instance, lost 1.5 million monthly active players since July 15. The other games currently have less than 100,000 monthly active players each.

According to King, the decision comes as a way for the company to reallocate resources to current games in development, and its most popular active games, including Pet Rescue Saga (our review) and Papa Pear Saga (our review).

Overall, the move seems like a positive one for King, as the affected games were already on the decline, and having fewer games in its portfolio frees up more resources for new and hopefully, more successful ideas. Specifics on those upcoming games are still being held under wraps, but players of King’s closing games are encouraged to play the many games that will remain open. This includes Candy Crush Saga, which remains the No. 1 Facebook game with over 44 million monthly active players.