Jesus Daily Kicks Off June As Most Engaging Page

While Jesus Daily has only recently began seeing substantial weekly growth increases in total number of fans, its interactivity total went unrivaled throughout May and now it begins June in a similar fashion.

While Jesus Daily has only recently began seeing substantial weekly growth increases in total number of fans, its interactivity total went unrivaled throughout May and now it begins June in a similar fashion.

The Most Engaging Pages On Facebook

1. Jesus Daily5,612,8151,556,697
2. The Bible7,353,3711,115,193
3. Justin Bieber28,418,124787,626
4. Mario Teguh4,109,800584,802
5. Manchester United14,819,899565,825
6. Werevertumorro1,958,594453,471
7. Lady Gaga36,217,254432,787
8. Jesus Christ2,599,646418,786
9. Kemal Kilicdaroglu1,311,112416,718
10. MTV Roadies1,646,802386,589
11. NBA9,127,600382,000
12. Educate Yourself1,299,299343,054
13. Necip Fazil Kisakurek1,087,958323,523
14. We are Khaled Said1,354,555323,191
15. Harry Potter24,893,459308,682
16. FC Barcelona15,801,709308,268
17. Avril Lavigne20,493,081304,628
18. Lil Wayne25,618,751295,058
19. Cristiano Ronaldo27,368,638276,753
20. ILoveAllaah.com5,764,945270,659


Jesus Daily seems untouchable at this point, as it rests comfortably in the top spot for yet another week in a row, and the competition does not seem to have what it takes to keep up. This week the page saw 1,556,697 interactions. Not far behind, in second place, The Bible sees 1,115,193 comments added to the conversation.

Jesus Christ moves forward to eighth, as 418,786 thoughts were posted. claims the final spot as an engaging page, with a 270,659 seven day interaction total.


This week it was award show chatter that had Justin Bieber and Lady Gaga‘s fan bases buzzing. The young star finishes third with 787,626 posts added to his wall, and Gaga moves back a spot to eighth as her “little monsters” totaled 432,787 interactions.

Avril Lavigne is sure keeping busy, and she posts both picture and text updates on Facebook. With 304,628 posts tallied in response, the Canadian pop star sits pretty in the 17th spot.

Lil Wayne seems to have the ability to state anything on the social network, and despite how irrelevant it may be, a lively discussion will be sparked. The rapper makes his first appearance on our list, coming in 18th thanks to 295,058 talkative fans.


In Indonesia, Mario Teguh continues to have a noisy home on the Facebook; he breaks through the top five landing in fourth with a 584,802 interaction total. Popular Spanish comedic page Werevertumorro takes the biggest leap forward on this week’s countdown with 453,471 new fan posts counted. Educate Yourself holds steady in 12th with 343,054 interactions. We are Khaled Said climbs to 14th as 323,191 posts were contributed to the discussions.

In Turkey, politician Kemal Kilicdaroglu carves his way into the top ten as the page’s engaged fans have left 416,718 comments since last Monday. Necip Fazil Kisakurek slips to 13th with 323,523 talkative fans partaking in the conversation.


Manchester United fans are cheering as loudly as ever, and 565,825 interactions help the team land in fifth. Championship talk continues on FC Barcelona‘s page; the conversation seems to by dying down though as the page drops to 16th place with only 308,268 new comments added. While Real Madrid has fallen off our countdown, star forward Cristiano Ronaldo gets comfortable in the 19th position with 276,753 football fans adding their two cents to the mix.

The finals are sizzling, and those Mavericks from Dallas are doing all they can to beat the Heat. The trash talk continues on the NBA‘s social networking hot spot; 382,000 comments help the page kick off the second half of this week’s list.


Reality series “MTV Roadies” leaps forward this week cutting the countdown in half; 386,589 viewers discussed the show’s latest happenings on Facebook. Anticipation for the upcoming final installment in the Harry Potter series is likely to help instigate greater conversation in the coming weeks, but for the time beginning the beloved fictional character and friends slip to 15th with a 308,682 interaction total.

Readers, did you find yourself joining the conversation on any of this week’s pages?

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