iVillage, KidZui Team Up on Stuff Your Kids Love

Women’s online destination iVillage and KidZui, which focuses on keeping the Internet safe for kids, teamed up on Web index Stuff Your Kids Love, which uses data from KidZui’s browser to provide insights into the Internet habits of kids 3-12.

Stuff Your Kids Love will debut exclusively on iVillage Dec. 21, and the women’s-targeted site will also offer the KidZui browser free-of-charge, while KidZui will integrate and feature content from iVillage.

The two companies provided a snapshot from Stuff Your Kids Love:
Most-visited Website: PBS Kids
Most-viewed viral video: Cat Flushing Toilet Music Video
Most-searched public personality: Miley Cyrus
Most-searched musician/band: Taylor Swift
Most-searched toy: Barbie
Most-searched term: games
Most-visited category: games
Fastest-growing Website: Poptropica

iVillage executive vice president Jodi Kahn said:

Part of our mission is to deliver great applications to women, especially ones that can significantly impact their day-to-day lives. At a time when kids are increasingly spending their time online, it is critical that moms know what they are looking at and how that may influence them.

KidZui CEO Cliff Boro added:

As the media landscape continues to shift, entertainment consumption to digital platforms has become vital to learn as much as possible about the manner in which kids behave online. The Stuff Your Kids Love Internet index provides an excellent vehicle for not only further protecting our kids online, but empowering the Internet experience to benefit their growth and development in the long run.