Is Facebook's Spam Creating an Exodus?

So there is continued discussion about the Facebook “adults” leaving Facebook behind because it’s making them batty (or at least they’re getting bitten by vampires and zombies which isn’t good). Rory Cellan-Jones uses yesterday’s statistics from the U.K. that Facebook has suffered its first monthly decline since becoming the largest social network in the U.K. as evidence to support his argument of an adult exodus.

In a lunch meeting yesterday, I listened to one tech luminary explain the challenge of maintaining a Facebook profile due to an massive influx of friend requests and application invitations. Facebook has added a number of tools but for many it has been too little, too late. Honestly, adults that spend hours on Facebook are probably not making the best use of their time. I myself have tried to reduce my total Facebook usage but as the primary writer of this blog it has become increasing difficult.

While sitting at lunch yesterday I began to wonder if all these new spam measures being enacted by Faebook are reactionary as well as protection against this proclaimed exodus. Does Facebook have access to early warning signs that we haven’t seen? Perhaps the naysayers are right and last month’s decline in the U.K. is going to be continued into February in March. For the time being, I’m going to continue cheering Facebook and I am still bullish on the company. Do you think Facebook’s on the decline?