iPhone Could Transform Social Gaming

This morning I was watching samples of a couple upcoming iPhone games, one of which I’ve included below. While the examples I watched were not multi-player games, I think the social aspect of many of these games are one step away. It its current form, many of the “social games” on Facebook are different versions of the games found on sites such as Miniclip.com and similar sites.

Ultimately the “social” aspect of the games is really being able to see your friends high scores. Occasionally there are even turn based games but the social games so far are just the tip of the iceberg. It appears that there are much more serious developers invested in the iPhone platform which is sure to be a big hit.

The games that have appeared so far for the new iPhone appear to be mostly single player but I could imagine turn based games and the addition of other social aspects built right into the platform. The social aspect of the Nintendo DS was one of the key selling points. After seeing how robust the games on the iPhone can be, I think we are only one step away from many of these games transforming social gaming. Do you agree?


Crash Bandicoot