Internet Radio Gets Another Reprieve

pandora.jpgThe saga continues. Wired’s blog The Listening Post reports that Internet radio continues to broadcast, despite yesterday’s (July 15th) deadline for the new royalty standards to take effect.

Here’s the official update as per blogger Eliot Van Buskirk: “Pandora, Live365, and other webcasters that offer a multitude of streams tailored to their listeners’ taste won’t be thrown under the bus by the minimum per-station fees charged by the new royalty rates. Webcasters with a large number of individualized streams would owe a maximum of $50,000 per year for that privilege.

“Although SoundExchange has said it won’t aggressively enforce the new rates tomorrow, webcasters aren’t out of the woods yet, as negotiations continue.”

MediaPost adds that part of the reason for the continued negotiations is that they’re only offering the $50k cap on condition of receiving detailed reporting from each station on what they play. SoundExchange also wants assurances that stations will put in technology to prevent users from “streamripping” the music to make their own digital libraries for free.

DiMA Webcasters Accept Minimum Per-Station Cap [The Listening Post]