Internal Google Memo on Today’s 200 Layoffs: ‘We’ve Ended Up With Overlapping Organizations’

Google326.jpgWe’ve got the internal memo sent by outgoing Google senior vice president Tim Armstrong (“TA”) to Googlers in its North American sales organization (“NASO”) within the past hour. This follows on the heels of the announcement published today at 12:20 ET on Google’s official in-house blog by senior VP of global sales and business development Omid Kordestani.

The complete message from Armstrong — whose appointment as chairman and chief executive of Time Warner’s AOL unit was announced exactly two weeks ago today — sent to Google staffers this afternoon, is after the jump…

Team Americas,

Today we are announcing that we plan to reduce NASO by approximately 40 roles across the organization. This is part of a larger reorganization that is affecting the sales and marketing organizations globally.

These are not easy decisions to make, but we had to look seriously at our organization, given the challenges presented by the current economic situation. We’ve grown very quickly, and not always in the most efficient ways. We’ve ended up with overlapping organizations that duplicate effort in a number of areas, and this means that we cannot be as effective as we need to be in this economic environment.

Please offer whatever help you can to your colleagues in their search for new opportunities both inside and outside the company. These changes represent a challenge for our entire organization, but most profoundly to those who have been affected by them directly.

I know that you may have questions about these changes. We’ve scheduled an all hands meetings today at 4:00 PM EST to discuss this reorganization and what it means for the future of the team. The entire Americas leadership team, including Dennis Woodside and myself, will be present to take your questions and discuss these changes in-person. The leadership team will also be holding office hours this afternoon and tomorrow, as will your HR business partners and the members of our staff. Please come to any of these sessions to ask questions.

I know this is difficult, but we need to work together and continue moving forward – TA (on behalf of The Americas Leadership Team)