InboxVudu Launches Mobile Email Personal Assistant App

The InboxVudu app works to highlight a user's most important emails, as well as sent emails they may need to follow up on.

InboxVudu has officially launched its ‘personal email assistant’ app on iOS and Apple Watch. Built with the company’s natural language processing and machine learning technology, the app aims to help Gmail users quickly read and respond to their most important emails.

The iOS app offers two main tabs: ‘Highlights’ and ‘Follow Ups.’ The Highlights tab shows a list of emails the app has determined are the user’s most important, and offers a short summary, including a bolded sentence which is designed to offer a summary of the entire email in a single glance. Meanwhile, the Follow Ups tab shows users their important sent emails, reminding them to follow up with the recipient if the message requires a response.

On both tabs, users can swipe on an email to mark it as ‘done,’ removing it from the list. Swiping also offers ‘reply’ or ‘follow up’ buttons, which take users back to the Apple Mail app to actually send the necessary message. Outside of the app, push notifications will alert users when they have a new important email to address.

InboxVudu 2

For Apple Watch users, InboxVudu offers notifications for important emails, and attempts to summarize each email into a single sentence which can fit on the Apple Watch screen. Users can reply to emails using their voice or ‘common response shortcuts,’ suggested based on the content of the original message.

In a statement, William Pearce, president and co-founder of InboxVudu, commented:

When more than half of all emails are being sent from mobile devices, focusing our efforts beyond a desktop solution was a natural next step for us. Our technology has been tailored to fit the needs of busy individuals, so that they can be aware of their email priorities at a glance – regardless of screen size. We’re dedicated to making inbox management more streamlined and convenient, and we can’t wait to help mobile users discover how stress-free email can be.

InboxVudu is available to download for free on the iTunes App Store. The service is also available as a Chrome extension. InboxVudu has plans to support additional email services in the future.