How to Boost Your Brand on Vine (Infographic)

Despite its short format, Vine has managed to make a large and sustained impact on the social space. Early this year, Vine surpassed 1.5 billion loops per day, and shows no signs of slowing. An infographic from Surepayroll examines the opportunities for savvy brands that understand how to leverage the tools effectively.

40 million users in the U.S. have downloaded Vine, including nearly 25 percent of smartphone users. And crucially, the largest age group of users is 18 to 20 year olds. When it comes to brand content, Vine is an active, yet underserved market. Branded Vines receive four times the shares of other branded videos, yet only four percent of the top 100 Vines are branded content.

The infographic from Surepayroll offers a few tips for brands looking to take advantage of this burgeoning medium.

  • Make a plan. From understanding the motivation of your audience and what action you want them to take, to technical details, like using sounds or music, including actors, a good Vine starts with a well thought out plan.
  • Give it purpose. The best Vines have some purpose beyond the marketing. Try creating Vines with how to content on your products, or providing timely updates around holidays for the best engagement.
  • Know your medium. Use hashtags to reach your target audience and increase exposure, include company details in descriptions, and cross promote Vines to other social networks.

Check out the infographic below for more tips.


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