Hillary’s Comeback Due to Better PR?


(Hillary Clinton becomes emotional at a cafe in Portsmouth, NH; AP image via Seattle P-I)

Did the slight softening of Hillary Clinton in front of the media (see video) deliver enough of a bump to win New Hampshire? Orchestrated by strategists or not, its highly probable.

See the New York Observer for the story behind the press, including the maneuverings of Clinton communications dream team which includes Microtrend-er and Burson-Marsteller CEO Mark Penn, Harold Wolfson, and former Communications Director for the post-Presidential Bill Clinton, Jay Carson.

Penn is surely working the big picture, thinking about how to wrap up the whole enchilada. Carson, the “Hard-Hitting Hipster” (also from the Observer) is probably the person carefully parceling out access. Hillary according to overheard sources in her press corps is “funny as shit,” and we hope to see a glimpse of that that side too.