Highlight, Annotate and Share Your Documents at Bookgoo

bookgoo.jpgThere’s no doubt that the web-based document collaboration niche has already been taken by Google Docs. It’s a Google product that’s why it so good. But the web is a big space to accommodate another one of this document collaboration tool, and so we might as well give it to Bookgoo.

bookgoosampledocument.jpgBookgoo is an interactive web-based tool for highlighting, annotating and sharing documents . The idea is pretty much the same as Google Docs. Although unlike Google Docs, you don’t create your documents on the Bookgoo site, but upload them instead from your PC. And unlike Google doc which limits you to textual editing of documents shared between different collaborators, Bookgoo stretch online document editing even more by letting you highlight some parts, write annotations explaining why you highlighted that part of the document, and share them with friends or to whoever you may want to share it. Your friends can edit your documents as well, should you give them access to your documents in Bookgoo.

asically, by allowing document collaboration, Bookgoo is promoting social networking among online users, but this time over a common purpose of developing ideas about the documents uploaded in Bookgoo.

Bookgoo does not work only with MS Word documents, but it also supports MS Excel, URL, PDF, HTML, gif and jpeg file formats. Hopefully, it includes PowerPoint presentation files as well.

f you still don’t know how you can possible make good use of Bookgoo, let me end this post by giving you the following ideas:

  • Highlight and annotate a research paper – share to others so that they may comment and share their ideas to you,
  • Allow community proofreading of your documents – the more critique your documents have, the better it will become in its final form,
  • Discuss difficult assignments in school among your classmates,
  • Share recipes
  • Upload a musical score and ask for feedback from the Bookgoo community
  • Discuss pending buy/sell transactions

And more.