Have You Looked At Your Facebook Messages Lately?

Inbox and outbox, notes accompanying friend requests and chat archives have all made it onto the same messages screen on Facebook.

Have you looked at your message box on Facebook lately? I mean, really taken a look at it to see how all of the different types of communications are coming together on one platform?

Here, look at mine — okay, you gotta scroll down to the bottom of this post to see a screen grab. It’s a combined inbox and outbox.

  • Only four of the ten are messages I’ve received — the other party was the last to say something to me.
  • Six of them are outbound — meaning, I was the last party to say anything.
  • Five originally appeared on my screen as pop-up chats.
  • Three of the five aforementioned chats actually link to threads dating back as far as three years ago, including messages to one another’s inboxes.
  • One of the five chat popups appears to be a remnant of a hijacking that Facebook has since disabled. (Thank you!)
  • Another three items are actually friend requests I’d sent out with personal notes, and they’re archived as if they were sent as messages. (Our friends at Inside Facebook explain this newest twist, and that’s what got me going on the post you’re reading now.)
  • Two of the three friend request messages have notes next to the individual’s name listing the number of friends we have in common.
  • One of the items is an event invitation that made it to the main inbox instead of “other” because I’d posted a question on the corresponding wall asking for a definition. (Incidentally, there about eight pages of messages in the “other” folder.)

Since Facebook formally announced the expanded messages platform on November 15, the company has been gradually rolling it out to additional users and along with that adding more of the different types of communications it promised.

Readers, how many new or improved things are you seeing on your messages screen?

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