Guns n' Roses Rocket (Queen) to the Top

Receiving a record-smashing 25 listens per second, Guns n’ Roses have not only completed their (Axl’s) comeback, but they have just held the largest ‘listening party’ in the world.

I guess that’s what 14 years of anticipation will do.

The long awaited ‘Chinese Democracy’ drops at Best Buy stores tomorrow, but you can take a listen now at

It’s ironic that an old band swoops in and takes control of a new technology. I also find it amusing that I will be making the album the first CD I have purchased in about 5 years. It ain’t vinyl, but I still feel nostalgic.

The band might be long gone, but who understudies can’t put on a good show too. What’s old is new again. If you’ve checked out the album on MySpace, we’d love to hear what you think.