Gourmet Lives as Gourmet Live App

Reports of the demise of Condé Nast title Gourmet were only partially exaggerated.

The publisher announced Tuesday that it will debut HTML5-based digital app Gourmet Live in the fourth quarter, combining articles, menus, photos, and videos with social sharing and game play. The app will be available free-of-charge, with paid content options to follow.

Unfortunately for former Gourmet staff, Gourmet Live will be based on the magazine’s archives, as well as community-contributed content.

Condé Nast is working with strategy and technology-consulting company Activate on Gourmet Live.

President and CEO Charles H. Townsend said:

By focusing on a new way to meet consumer needs, tap into our deep branding, and approach our content differently, we came up with a product that reimagines Gourmet and revalues engagement. We are extremely pleased with the magazine apps we have developed as part of our R&D efforts. However Gourmet Live is profoundly different. We approached this like a tech company, utilizing the rich assets of a media company, keeping Condé Nast at the forefront of content innovation.

Condé Nast consumer marketing group president Robert Sauerberg added:

While we believe many of the 5.5 million passionate Gourmet readers will enjoy this product, we also think a new generation of users who recognize the brand and appreciate food, social media, and excellent content will be brought to the table, as well. Analytics will allow us to iterate quickly, make changes, and modify business models based on consumer usage.