Google+ Now Affects Your Klout Score

The big players on Google+ might have noticed a rather pleasant bump in their Klout score today. That’s because Klout has officially integrated the new network into its influence calculations.

Klout is the “standard of influence” on the social web. Although there is quite a bit of controversy surrounding how it measures influence (and whether it is even possible to accurately measure something vague like “influence”), it is the most used and most well-known product on the market. And while Klout started as just a Twitter influence measurement tool, it has expanded to include other network as well.

Taking to their blog today, Klout announced that Google+ would now be incorporated into Klout scores.

They will start by measuring the Google+ influence of those users who have already connected Google+ to Klout. And of those users, Klout reports that about 62 percent are active on the network, and should see this activity reflected in their Klout score shortly. And, the company assures anyone who might not be so active on Google+ that regardless of activity level, no one will see their score drop simply by virtue of connecting their Google+ account.

The chart above depicts how scores will change before and after adding Google+. The bottom shows the range of possible Klout scores. Klout notes that, although they did see some users who have really, really embraced Google+ get 40 points or more added to their score, the median increase was 0.47 and the mean increase was 2.15.

Klout also notes, perhaps unsurprisingly, that most Google+ users tend to already be active on both Facebook and Twitter.

Have you connected Google+ to Klout yet? If so, did you notice a change in your score? Let us know in the comments below.