Take a Tour of The Colbert Report Studio in Google Maps

With only one more episode of The Colbert Report left, Google has added a tour of the show's studios to Google Maps.

colbert report studio

With (sadly) one more episode of The Colbert Report set to air, Google has added a tour of the show’s Manhattan studios to Google Maps.


Any business can add a tour of their space using Google Maps Business View. Using the tool, the show made an interactive tour dubbed “The Colbert Report Studiotron 6000.” Fans can explore all the tchotchkes adorning the walls and see the stories behind them — for instance, a wooden duck that Colbert shot all by himself at Pottery Barn.

The show prohibits audience members from taking photos inside the studio, so this is a great way for fans to get an inside look if they haven’t been to a taping before.

Our sister blog Lost Remote points out how the show has gotten a lot of social traction in recent weeks (partly thanks to POTUS). Mourning fans can also check out Funny or Die’s compilation of the shows best moments.

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