Good News: Pizza Guy from the Oscars Opening His Own Place

pizza guy oscars

Best delivery of his life.

It’s nice when 15 minutes of fame does not lead to a reality show and ending in a drunken stupor, don’t you think? In the world of good news and #PRWin, meet Edgar Martirosyan. In case his name doesn’t sound familiar, his fame should — he was the guy who delivered pizza to Brad Pitt, Harrison Ford, Julia Roberts, and Meryl Streep at the Oscars.

Yeah, that guy.

Thanks to that delivery, Edgar is taking the fame out for a spin and opening his own Neapolitan-style pizza restaurant called Wood (so yes, I’m partial).

Wood pizzaAccording to the Los Angeles Times, this is something that Edgar always wanted to do, and the fame afforded him for a pizza delivery is all it took. When he made the delivery, Edgar was already co-franchisee of Big Mama’s & Papa’s on Sunset Boulevard in Hollywood.

The place has a great name in SoCal already, but Edgar’s notoriety grew too large for the place. And thanks to his $1,000 tip and appearance on Ellen’s show, and study of the pie, he has his own joint. And that pie is his. Nom. Nom.

“We even have a mixer from Italy for the dough we make daily,” Erik says. “We wanted the right ingredients, the right products — all shipped from Italy.”

Although getting on stage was a complete surprise, all this nice PR as a result was no surprise at all.