Golden Globe Chatter Targets Host Ricky Gervais, Zooey Deschanel’s Nails

While we were away, the Golden Globe awards happened. Glamour, glitz, Madonna made a funny!

While we were casually flipping back and forth between the awards and the Australian Open, others were tweeting with purpose about all of the goings on in Hollywood. According to some new numbers, there were more than 822,000 tweets from nearly 300,000 unique users. The most retweets were for the one at left from Zooey Deschanel. Others who had the Twitterverse all fired up were the host, Ricky Gervais, Perez Hilton, and Game of Thrones. TweetReach tells the tale in the infographic here.

While the tweeting reached an all-time high, the ratings did not. It beat other programming on at that time, but fell short of last year.

Actually, with Ricky Gervais hosting, many had hoped for more fireworks. As with all awards shows, the host was highly scrutinized. After all the talk last year, this year’s performance had many commenting on how “toned down” Gervais was on Sunday.

For his part, Gervais took to his blog to “Thank fuck that’s over” and commend the crowd for being prepared for his routine. Many thought that Gervais was brought back (after threats that he wouldn’t get the hosting invite) because of the stir he caused last year, for better or for worse. So it will be interesting to see if the good Ricky gets asked now that the bad Ricky has been pushed aside a bit.

For now, the Hollywood Foreign Press has other things on its mind: a lawsuit with Dick Clark Productions, which produces the show. The Los Angeles Times has the lowdown on the case, but this part is particularly interesting:

Advertisers pay a premium to participate in this kind of DVR-proof live event programming, whether it’s an NFL game or the latest episode of “Dancing With the Stars.”

…”Marketers prefer live programming because it not only ensures that the ads will not be fast forwarded but also because of the growing importance of social networking,” said Brad Adgate, an analyst at media buying firm Horizon Media Inc., whose clients include Geico and Capital One.