Glu Games launches match-three RPG Knights of Puzzelot on iOS


Glu Games has announced the launch of Knights of Puzzelot on iOS devices. The fantasy puzzle-RPG combines match-three games with turn-based battles as players complete quests and defeat monsters in the Kindle of Puzzelot. The level-based game sees players attacking enemies or defending their hero by matching action-specific symbols on the board.

Each level of Knights of Puzzelot contains multiple waves of enemies or prizes. Players attack enemies by making matches with sword symbols, while shields and potion bottles add to the player’s defense or health points. Gold coins and bars can be used as currency outside of battle, as users collect or otherwise unlock new swords, shields and more for their hero.

When making matches of four or more like-symbols, a new, upgraded symbol is added to the board in that match’s place. Making matches with these symbols causes even more damage to enemies (or adds more health to the player). The board’s layout remains the same throughout the battle, so players can strategically save over-powered swords for the boss character at the end of each dungeon.

Outside of battle, players can upgrade their hero’s stats with coins and premium currency. Social mechanics allow users to join guilds with friends to complete global events for special (or exclusive) weapons and armor.

“Knights of Puzzelot is designed to appeal to a wide audience of casual, RPG, and match-3 players and offers a truly captivating experience,” said Christopher Locke, General Manager of Glu Canada. “We think players will really enjoy the storyline as well as the bright and colorful artwork.”

Knights of Puzzelot is available to download for free on iOS. Check back soon to follow the game on AppData, our tracking platform for mobile and social apps and developers.