Get Your Twitter Name Tattooed Onto An Athlete Just In Time For The Olympics

Now here’s an entrepreneur for the digital age: an Olympic athlete is offering to tattoo the name of one Twitter user onto his arm in order to subsidize his training for London.

Nick Symmonds is currently ranked as number 1 for the 800 meter race in the US, and will be competing in the 2012 London Olympics. And he’s also a social media savvy businessman.

According to BetaBeat, Symmonds is currently auctioning off the chance for someone to get their Twitter name in front of billions.

He’s trying to subsidize his Olympic training by wearing a temporary tattoo of the winner’s Twitter username on his left arm while competing in the race. He also promises to mention the Twitter name in interviews, and he will tweet the winning username at the beginning of each month in 2012.

You can check out the auction yourself on eBay. The current high bid is over $1,800, and there have been 50 bids since it started. With 8 more days to go, I expect this to gain momentum.

Symmonds explains in his auction posting that he will accept either an individual or a corporation’s Twitter handle, as long as the corporation is acceptable to government regulations in the countries he competes in, and does not conflict with either of his current sponsors, Nike and Melaleuca.

If you have grand desires of getting your Twitter handle in front of an audience of more than 4 billion, it might be worth it to try your hand at this auction – plus, you’ll be helping an athlete along the way.