Get Satisfaction Gets Smart With Twitter

Get Satisfaction is an online site where customers can voice their complaints and companies are given the opportunity to respond. It makes the entire dialogue public in turn making the dialogue a database for future frustrated customers. I’ve been to a number of conferences where an attendee has brought up the site.

For the longest time I just didn’t get it but the site’s new overheard feature makes a lot of sense. As MG Siegler pointed out this morning, the Overheard feature integrates a Twitter stream (via Summize) centered around your product right into your company’s Get Satsifaction page. There are a number of companies using Get Satisfaction but currently those companies appear to be limited to web based services for the most part. That appears to be expanding though as Chase bank,Comcast and Verizon Wireless all have their own pages.

So far Comcast, O’Reilly, Seesmic and MyBlogLog have signed up to leverage the Overheard service but a number of others will be joining soon. One other product that Get Satisfaction just announced is the Help Center which enables companies to put a support area directly on their site while still using the Get Satisfaction service. What’s great about this is that companies who don’t know about Twitter can immediately take advantage of it just by using the Get Satisfaction service.

Previously, I had not been very active in Get Satisfaction forums but I’m definitely going to become a more active user. Have you used Get Satsifaction? What do you think of this new service offering?