Gameloft Launches Ninja Up on iOS

Gameloft has announced the launch of Ninja Up on iOS devices. The game has a simple premise: to guide a ninja ever-higher into the sky by drawing ropes for him to land on as he jumps. In each game of Ninja Up, players tap and drag their finger on the screen to create small ropes, with their proper location determined by the ninja’s current position in the air.

Since it would be too easy to simply draw a line across the entire screen each time the ninja jumps, players are limited to creating only small ropes. Users can wait until the ninja is at the height of his jump to draw a rope, as that gives them a better indication of where he’ll come back down. At the same time, however, this strategy runs the risk of gravity pulling the ninja back down before the rope can actually be created.

On the other hand, gamers can also create ropes as soon as the ninja jumps. If timed correctly, users can actually correct their mistakes and draw a second rope before the ninja falls back down.

As the ninja jumps higher and higher, obstacles are added to the screen, which can send the ninja careening off his current course, and even end the game if players’ reflexes aren’t ready for the change. At the end of each game, users can compare their scores against friends and strangers, or share their scores to Facebook.

Ninja Up is completely free-to-play, with no available in-app purchases. It’s available to download now on iOS, and is coming soon to Android.