Friendster Experiences Phenomenal Growth

According to VentureBeat, Friendster experienced a 40 percent page view boost in May resulting in a whopping 9 billion page views. This is pretty impressive given the massive competition created by Facebook. This provides a little bit of support to any argument suggesting that Facebook will not be the sole social graph of the future. Do all social networks need to open their platform to become competitive in the current environment? Maybe not. Personally I think so but given the growth of last month it may not be necessary. I will be interested in seeing what takes place in coming months. According to the VentureBeat article, Friendster is still not profitable. That is pretty pathetic given the amount of time that they have been around. I guess in the world of social networking it is a first mover disadvantage. Below are the traffic statistics for the top social-networks on the web:

Comscore Stats

While Friendster has had some incredible growth check out Facebook’s growth. Between April and May Facebook grew over 20 percent. I have a feeling this past month was significantly higher. It will be interesting to see once the June statistics come out. One thing is for sure, social networking is still experiencing rapid growth years after it begun.