Force your children to have phoneless family meals with DinnerTime App

dinnertime 2

“Dinner time!” is the rallying cry of moms and pops everywhere who hope to have a proper family meal just to be thwarted by television programs or smartphone apps. With DinnerTime, the app, parents can utilize their financial and parental controls over their children’s smartphones to save Dinner Time.

However, parents should only give their children Android devices, which are easier to control. With iOS devices, prohibition becomes prohibitively difficult. While DinnerTime can use an iOS device to control other Android devices, iOS devices cannot be controlled by either operating systems.

Fortunately for parents, once DinnerTime has been installed on an Android phone, the child cannot uninstall it except through the parent’s phone –  the device in control. Installation is easy and straightforward, simply download the app on the child’s device and link it to the parent’s device by SMS text. Once connected, parents can set time limits for dinner time, study time, or sleep time:

During these “break” times the child’s ability to use their device – everything from apps to the Internet to texting and calling friends – is temporarily disabled, only incoming calls are allowed while you spend quality time together. Kids can even see the countdown of how much time remains before they are able to access their device again, without any distractions from schoolwork, spending time with the family, or even getting to bed on time.

• Dinner Time: pauses any activity for 30 minute, 1 hour or 2 hours

• Take a Break: pauses any activity for any set time, up to 24 hours

• Bed Time: set a start and end time to pause any activity while in bedtime. Still allow your kids to use their devices as an alarm clock during bedtime