Finish Your Masterpiece With Minimum Noise

minimum_noiseAnd the list for online work continues! allows individuals that sing, play instruments, or even just have audio production skills to find freelance work. This website hooks you up to people who need your skills. Or vice versa, if you need to add drums to your music, it allows you to post a request and choose your artist. As a producer, you can also break down what you need for your song: vocals, beats, accompaniment, etc. Even better, as an incentive to get their campaign launched, they are allowing you to post projects for FREE!

It works like this. Those who need projects filled post their desired parts (vocals) and what it pays. They then upload the file that needs assistance and wait for applications. Those who have the vocals or accompaniment apply to the positions and upload mp3’s of their work. The “winner” is then chosen for the project, and the team can get to work.

This is certainly the next step in the freelance world. Just as freelance writing websites have sprung new writer’s careers, this website could start aspiring singers or musicians careers. Our world is quickly becoming virtual and this is just one more outlet where it is able to progress.

“In order to get the site running, we have decided to sponsor a number of projects. This means that if you have a project in mind that you could create on Minimum Noise, tell us and we will offer to pay the prize of up to $100.”

With the launch of yet another season of American Idol only days away, it is clear that the world has decided that everybody deserves their 15 minutes of fame. It’s the true talent that can convert the initial catapult into sustainable success.