Find Your Real Neighbors on Facebook

Want an easy way to find your real neighbors that are on Facebook? Nathan Blecharczyk has created an application that automatically displays your closest 50 neighbors. I was surprised that when I added the application there were already 15 people within 25 miles of me that had added the application. Pretty impressive given that the application currently has only 233 people using it. I’m somewhat skeptical as to how many people will start using this application. I already know of two friends that have had stalker experiences on Facebook and I’m sure there are plenty more. There is no way that people concerned with their privacy will start using this application. Additionally you can already search people and sort your results by distance so you can pretty much assume that the first 50 results are within a close proximity to wherever you live (as long as you have entered your address). If you want to find out who your closest neighbors are or want to let people know that you live near them, go grab the See Your Neighbors application.

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