Find Anyone or Anything With Hoosgot

Twitter asks “What are you doing?” and now Hoosgot wants to know “Who’s Got…?”

Unlike many of the popular Answer services out there, Hoosgot is designed for folks already immersed in online communities and blogging.

To find out who has what you are looking for, simply include the word “hoosgot” into a blog post or a Twitter entry. The post will automatically be picked up and posted on the Hoosgot homepage.

If someone in Cyberspace has the answer to your question, they have the ability to respond in the comments of the post or by messaging you on Twitter (@hoosgot).

Since a Website of this nature is ripe for spam, the Hoosgot team have installed some hardcore, back-end spam fighting systems.

I tested the system the other day with a very simple inquiry for the general public: “Hoosgot the skills to tweak a WordPress template on the cheap?”

I didn’t receive a single response.

It might not be the best question in the world, but it reaffirms the obvious: A site like this can only survive if users jump onboard – fast. Whether or not they will remains to be seen. One thing that makes Hoosgot intriguing is that your question has the potential to be seen across the Web, not just on a single site a la Yahoo! Answers.

Now Hoosgot a million dollars for the RotorBlog team?

Discovered on ReadWriteWeb.