Giants Fans: Let Your Facebook Friends Fear The Beard

A new application lets San Francisco Giants fans beardify their Facebook profile photo.

If you’ve been following the World Series, you may have heard the phrase “fear the beard”, which is a reference to the San Francisco Giants’ relief pitcher, Brian Wilson. The team over at Proto HQ, who are also responsible for the massively popular “Elf Yourself” campaign, have developed the Brian Wilson Beardifier application (found here).

The application is extremely simple. You visit it and click on a button which will automatically place a beard on your face within your profile photo. So far only 5,000 people have used the application, however given that there are over 300,000 Giants fans on Facebook, there should be many more people who use this application. Since the San Francisco Giants could win tonight, there’s no excuse for Giants fans not to be beardifying themselves!

If you are going to be rooting for your team today, you need to let your friends know it by installing the Brian Wilson Beardifier application (click here) and switching your profile photo. Go now, and beardify yourself!

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