Beware Fake Accounts Promising To ‘Verify’ You On Twitter

So many folks on Twitter are obsessed with “verification.” Check out the #VerifyMe hashtag or any similar to see. It’s kind of . . . sad.

Twitter doesn’t accept public verification requests, for one. And two? If it was as easy to get verified as these fake accounts make it sound, everyone would be.

Twitter has very clear (as mud) standards for verification – basically, if you have to ask you’re probably not in the verification queue.

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But what you should NOT do is retweet something in hopes it will magically verify your account. It won’t. The Verge shares that 22,000 users were recently fooled by just one fake account (@PrivateVerified) promising verification in exchange for retweets. And here are some names on additional fake accounts they uncovered (all are now suspended):

@Verifiedtwltter, @VerifiedTwiiter@RequestVerified, @NextVerified@freeverifying, @iWillVerify, and @VerifiedArtists

Oh and here are two more: @VERIFIEDACCOUNTS and @SimpleVerify. Those last two are active.

They’re really everywhere on Twitter. And @SimpleVerify promises to send a direct message (DM) when you retweet something for them. If you click a link in a DM from one of these “services,” this comment (from the Verge story) describes you:

So don’t RT, click or otherwise buy into any of those accounts.

But there is another account out there trying to streamline the verification process for everyone: miiCard.

They’ve even started a Twitition asking Twitter to accept them as a clearing house of sorts to manage the whole “blue tick” process.

You can check out their video explaining how they do this and why they find it effective here.

So far the miiCard Twitition has about 70 signatures, but we’re not sure Twitter would ever outsource its verification system.

Do you think it would? More importantly – do you think it SHOULD?

(Fake image from Shutterstock)