Facebook Launching On XBox LIVE Next Week, Possibly Coming To PS3

Facebook XBox Icon-Last month we wrote about the impending launch of Facebook on XBox LIVE and now it’s official. According to Microsoft, Facebook will launch on Xbox LIVE on November 17th, the same day we mentioned last month. Facebook integration is relatively robust (see here) including the ability to update your status, view your Facebook stream, photos, and profile, and the ability to share scores with your Facebook friends. News of the launch comes just as rumors about PS3 launch a similar service was leaked.

Yesterday, images surfaced of what was claimed to be screenshots of Facebook integration on the Playstation 3. The images which depict a easy to navigate interface don’t include any marks that would suggest they are in fact the Playstation 3, however that’s not stopping everybody from buzzing about it. One gaming publication has even gone out on a limb and confirmed the launch of Facebook on Playstation 3 based on information from an unknown source.

This isn’t exactly surprising news considering XBox LIVE support will officially go live next week, a few months after it was first demoed at the E3 conference back on June 1st. The clear trend here is the digital socialization of games, something which has already been occurring on Facebook for a couple years now and is moving to console platforms.

Facebook support and other new features will only be for XBox Live Gold members, however Silver members will be able to demo the features for free until November 23. Also, users under 18 will not be able to access Facebook unfortunately, as was first reported last week. According to Sync, “Microsoft [has] decided to restrict use through Xbox Live to those 18 and older because parents are unable to customize the Xbox 360 Family Settings for the apps”

-PS3 Facebook Screenshot-