Facebook Winning at World Domination

Last night Eric Eldon posted that Facebook has opened up its worldwide lead over rival social network, MySpace. Facebook has 123.8 million visitors while MySpace has 114.5. This is big news for Facebook and with today’s news that Facebook has launched in Chinese and Russian, there is a pretty good chance that they will continue to expand their dominance.

Not everything is rosy though as Erick Schonfeld points out. In the U.S. MySpace continues to dominate over Facebook with 73.7 million unique visitors last month versus Facebook’s 35.6 million. MySpace also continued to grow in the U.S. while domestic growth for Facebook was stagnant.

Yesterday I highlighted the global battle for social network domination. While there is still a fight in the U.S. for social network users, the majority of the race has shifted to abroad where there is still a ton of growth potential. China appears to be one of the most hotly contested countries with 51.com, Xiaonei and other Chinese social networks each launching their own platforms to compete with Facebook.

The race is on to become the largest global social network and for today, Facebook is winning that race.

Facebook - MySpace Comscore Stats