Facebook Will Feature In Friday CES Sessions

A good reason to go to the Consumer Electronics Show this week: Friday sessions will focus on social media.

Social media will feature prominently in Friday sessions during this year’s International Consumer Electronics Show happening in Las Vegas.

Billed as the world’s largest technology show, CES focuses heavily on software and hardware for entertainment purposes. The Facebook tie-in at this conference has to do with streaming multimedia and file sharing via social media. While this will doubtlessly come up throughout the show, it will be the focus of a block of sessions scheduled for Friday.

These sessions will cover “how to engage with the community, learn how to better deliver products they want, and support them,” said Steve Broback, founder of the Parnassus Group, which organized the social media track for CES. “People want to optimize for social media platforms,” and the conference will showcase companies that have been successful with this.

The sessions include how to plan successful strategies for social media campaigns; measuring return on investment in the technology; using Facebook to drive traffic to other sites; the art of growing one’s fan base; analyzing the data that fans offer on pages; how to manage staffing for social media projects; taking advantage of geolocation services, and how to leverage social media on mobile platforms.

That sounds almost like everything you need to know about launching a social media campaign, so if the sessions deliver on these promises they will be well worth the price of admission to the conference.

Are you planning to go to CES this year, and if so, will you be checking out the social media track?