Facebook Glitch Shows Users Attend "Vidyartha College"

-Vidyartha Icon-Did you go to Vidyartha College? There’s a good chance that you’ve never even heard of the college that’s based in Sri Lanka, however numerous Facebook users are reporting that their friends are being affiliated with the school. This isn’t the first time that Facebook has had a glitch like this. Previously, users have been accidentally affiliated with Harvard University even though they never set it.

While I’m sure plenty of people would have liked to attend the school, having a Facebook glitch say that you attended somewhere does not actually mean you went there unfortunately. We’re not sure how many users are reporting the issue, however we’re guessing thousands of people have been effected at a minimum. I’d also expect Facebook to resolve the issue in the next few hours.

While your profile data is not going to disappear as a result of the glitch, just knowing that it’s a glitch is useful information. I’ve reached out to Facebook about the issue, but my guess is that it will be resolved before I receive a response. Issues like this take place on Facebook once in a while, however I’ve never seen an instance of permanent data damage.

Are you seeing this strange “Vidyartha College” glitch from your friends’ profiles? So are your profiles at risk of anything? Not at all! So please enjoy your stay at Vidyartha College, Sri Lanka.

A number of people that are members of our Facebook Page are showing up as being from “Vidyartha College”. Definitely a widespread glitch that could be affecting millions of users. My guess is that this will still be resolved soon.

Article image from the Vidyartha College website.

A Short Video of Vidyartha College