Facebook Users Experiencing Timeout Issues

This afternoon a Facebook user sent me a copy of his interaction with Facebook regarding an issue that he experienced in which he was repeatedly timed out after logging in. While it isn’t clear why this is happening, there’s no doubt that he’s the only user experiencing the problem. A message from Facebook said that they were “aware of the problem” and working on a resolution.

The issue has been around for over a week and something makes me thing that it’s related to the new chat system as the first sign of something going wrong is a notification in the chat bar which says “Your session has timed out. Please log in.” For those that have experienced a timeout on Facebook there apparently isn’t much you can do at this point unfortunately.

The user that contacted me has had their session timeout repeatedly within 30 seconds of logging in. This means that Facebook has been rendered practically useless for a number of users thanks to this bug. Have you been experiencing this issue or is this an extremely small group of users with the problem?