Add Holiday Calendars To Facebook Brand Pages

On the first day of "31 Days of Social Media," Wildfire Interactive gave to me ...

On the first day of “31 Days of Social Media,” Wildfire Interactive gave to me…

The social media marketing platform is helping Facebook users prepare for holiday season with new app 31 Days of Social Media.

The holiday app is based on Wildfire’s Advent Calendar template, and can be adapted to any other holidays that page managers desire. This helps attract repeat traffic to Facebook pages.

Features of the holiday app let page managers:

  • Offer users a new social media-related tip or trick every day;
  • Award special prizes to fans on random days;
  • Provide a new coupon each day; and
  • Publish clues for contests and other competitions.

The company added:

12 Days of Christmas? 8 Days of Hanukah? 31 Days of Social Media? Have you ever seen a Christmas advent calendar, where windows open each day leading to Christmas, revealing daily gifts or special treats? We smell a great marketing opportunity here; one that doesn’t have to be limited to Christmas!