Facebook Tab Aims To Make Simple Polls Viral

Facebook developer GroSocial releases Viral Vote today, described as a Facebook poll tab that pits two choices against each other, like Hot or Not, or Facemash.

Facebook developer GroSocial will release Viral Vote today, described as a Facebook poll tab that pits two choices against each other, like Hot or Not, or Facemash.

Viral Vote will represent the 20th widget for Facebook from GroSocial, and it allows brand page owners to:

  • Let fans vote on two side-by-side images or videos;
  • Offer promotions where fans who vote for the winning option receive something in return (via their email addresses);
  • Access data on who voted, when, and how many times;
  • Offer rewards to users who share the polls the most.

The cost to page owners: $19.95 per month, and GroSocial Chief Executive Officer Zach Mangum said, “The corner deli can afford something cool and not have to have a five- or six-figure marketing budget to be able to accomplish it.”

On the ease-of-use front, Mangum said it takes “about 20 seconds to swap images out,” and no redevelopment or redesign is required.

Mangum added that Viral Vote initially intended to not ask voters for basic Facebook permissions, but it began doing so Monday in an effort to avoid users cheating during the contests via fraudulent voting activities. However, other than limiting entrants to one email address, personal data (aside from first and last names and email addresses, for the purposes of notifying winners) are not collected, GroSocial is clear about that with prominent links to its policies.

He also offered two examples of how page owners intend to use Viral Vote one from a radio station, and the other from an auto dealership.

The classic rock station will launch a battle of the bands Nov. 14, pitting Rush against Led Zeppelin, with the winner moving on to face Pink Floyd the next day. Mangum said the “King of the Mountain” will be crowned in about two weeks, adding that fans will enter their email addresses and share the contest with friends, and those who voted for the eventual winner will have a chance to win tickets to a concert of their choice.

As for the auto dealership, it will allow fans to “build” the car it will eventually give away, step-by-step, starting with the color, and then the type of vehicle, the make, the model, and so on.

The car chosen by users will eventually be given away to one lucky winner, and the dealership hopes to gain viral publicity throughout the process.

Readers: Would polls like those enabled by GroSocial’s Viral Vote entice you to interact more with Facebook brand pages?