Facebook Switches "Kisses" Page Name To OraBrush, Turns Publisher Back On (Updated)

In a strange turn of events Facebook has switched the “Kisses” page name to OraBrush, the brand who initially acquired the page. The process has been an interesting one as Facebook began randomly disabling the publishers for generic Facebook Pages. Now we are hearing that large generic Pages are being converted back into the brand names but that’s based on a number of variables, some of which were provided to us off the record.

We have reached out to Facebook for clarification on what appears to be an updated strategy but have not yet heard back. I will be updating this post as soon as we do hear back. I have been in contact with the OraBrush page administrators over the course of the morning and will be updating this post after the privacy announcement that we’ll be liveblogging in the next 5 minutes.

I just spoke with Facebook who stated that the page has been reverted back to its original name and the publisher has been disabled. Apparently this was not a change of policy but instead an internal miscommunication. Generic pages are still allowed but risk having the publisher disabled.