13 Facebook Parodies That Will Make You Laugh Out Loud

Last week’s Saturday Night Live episode included not one, but two, Facebook parodies. Mark Zuckerberg even appeared on a recent episode of The Simpsons. With Facebook as hot as ever, you would think Facebook parodies and video clips are a new thing, however there are Facebook videos that have made us laugh since the site’s founding in 2004. Here are our favorites.

YourTango: Facebook Manners And You

A helpful 1950s-style guide into proper etiquette on using the “electric friendship generator” on your “computing device.” Find out what happens when Alice and Timmy break Facebook’s unofficial dos and don’ts. Facebook Manners and You is also a 2010 Webby Awards Comedy Short/Episode nominee, too.

Rhett And Link: Facebook Song

Forget that Rhett (or is it Link?) looks like Dwight’s brother and Schrute Farms beet-growing partner Mose from The Office. This song is funny and catchy. Plus, you can watch them sing it live, too. Pseudo web stars venture out into real life sometimes? Sometimes.

Bangs: Meet Me On Facebook

Another song, but this time unintentionally hilarious. Somehow, Bangs manages to capture the fine art of meeting random people over Facebook through his thoughtful lyrics (“I love Facebook because I get many girls/And I have no time to waste”) and creative, original sets (couch just sitting in front of a green screen). But it gets better: you can now even purchase the song through iTunes & Amazon.

The Pit NYC: A Slap In The Facebook

Old people figuring out the way the web works is basically guaranteed to make you laugh (in case for some crazy reason you need further proof, see Stiller & Meara’s First Time on the Internet). This Peoples Improv Theater sketch featuring Ethel and Myrtle (note: excellent old people names) squabbling over who’s poking whom is so bad, but oh-so-good. (Another great, unrelated, comedy sketch froim The PIT is their Cooties PSA: “You may have cooties…and not even know it.”)

Tobuscus: Farmville Commercial

Farmville, the farm “simulation” game app developed on Facebook that has grown over 60 million monthly active users takes a lot of heat. As if you didn’t know already, FarmVille’s gameplay includes building a farm, planting crops, and buying livestock… which means it’s basically begging to be parodies. This fake commercial does just that, explaining its appeal as “pushing the limits of [your] imgagination… BACKWARDS!” And if this isn’t enough to satisfy you, check out his other hilarious commercial parodies, including Mafia Wars and Cafe World.

Kryptonite: Facebook Infomercial Parody

Produced for a USC variety show, this is another commercial parody—but this time it’s an eHarmony-inspired infomercial. May really make you think about how (or whether) Facebook has improved your dating life.

The Onion: Facebook, Twitter, Revolutionizing How Parents Talk Their College-Aged Kids

File this one under “way-too-real”. An as-expected spot-on satire from The Onion on how Facebook (and Twitter) helps “E-Mom” Gloria Bianco keep in touch with her son, see what he’s up to at parties, and tell that new girl he’s seeing(that Jenny Longman with the low-cut dress) why she should stay away from her Jeff unless she wants to die a slow, painful death. Social networking sure is swell!

Facebook Gangsta

Every subject has to have an epic music video with a white guy rapping about it. And this is that video for Facebook. Come for the Facebook Gangsta tips, but stay for the lyrical gems like “There’s a poop loada notifications/I got females across 50 states/ Who I monitor frequently by their status updates.” Also, believe it or not, the Facebook Gangsta (actually Sean Modica) was in the latest nationally—televised Kindle commercial. Seriously.

South Park: You Have 0 Friends

TV’s got it out for Facebook, too. In the 199th episode of South Park, Kyle, Eric, and Kenny make Stan a Facebook profile against his will. When he tries to ignore everyone’s friend requests, he ends up sucked into a virtual Facebook where he is forced to engage in Facebook activities to get back to real life. At the same time, Kyle gives in and adds an overenthusiastic nerd as a friend, who ends up making all of Kyle’s other friends leave. In typical South Park style, it satirizes the Facebook-obsessed and the Facebook-intolerant while slamming the platform itself for being superficial and boring. Is nothing sacred?!

YouTube: The Movie

“The keyboard cat wants more money.”

Twitter: The Movie

“Twitter restricts you to only 140 words per post?”
“Characters. 140 characters.”

Babelgum: Zuckerberg! The Real Social Network Movie

“Mark, that’s brilliant. Did you come up with that yourself?”

N’Importe Comment

While not exactly Facebook in real life, this French rap video takes a stab at what it would be like if our digital life turned into reality.

It’s easy to make fun of one of the most popular websites/platforms/way of life (though maybe not always to do it well). After all, one thing’s clear: you don’t get to 500 million friends without people making fun of you along the way. Plus, thanks to photographic proof that Mark Zuckerberg himself liked one of the SNL videos on his Facebook profile, we can take away another valuable lesson: you don’t get to 500 million friends without having a sense of humor.

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